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Our School

Our mission is to enhance learning opportunities that yield lifelong benefits in the arts.

Elite Drama and Arts Academy
Hazel Simpson

Our Founder

Hazel Simpson founded Drama & Arts Academy in 2009 and continues to provide childcare services to children throughout metro Atlanta, with a new location in Fayetteville, Georgia.  Simpson takes pride in the arts and believes that the arts yield lifelong learning in any capacity.  She also is an author, producer, director, and film writer that is claiming her spot among the elite women in film and media in the emerging southern capital of entertainment, Atlanta, Georgia.  Simpson's most recent film release is "Sisters and the Shrink 2" which is available on Amazon Prime and RokuTV-Sis to Sis TV.


Simpson is a graduate of Monroe College in New York.  Simpson also is the founder of Sis to Sis Productions, I Am Awards, and serves on the Fulton County Arts board

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Elite Drama and Arts Academy

Our Mission


and Purpose

Drama and Arts Academy is an educational environment that teaches children through an academic and art-based curriculum. Our environment commits to fostering and maintaining high academic standards that will ensure the growth of our children is both mentally and physically sound.


Our vision is our commitment to encourage the expression of talent through the arts and embrace the innovative approaches to excellence.

The Projection

Drama and Arts Academy understands that creativity and innovation (arts) are right-brained activities, in comparison, to left-brained activities in areas such as reading, writing, and math that are equally important for the full development of children. Studies have shown that for the brain to be efficient, both parts of the brain must work together. Drama and Arts Academy has developed a fun and fully functional educational model that explores all areas of the arts through classes in acting, theater, media, and visual arts. Despite the lack of arts in many school curricula due to instruction time or lack of resources, our learning environment is available and ready to assist each child.

Vision & Values

  • Respect

  • Responsibility

  • Integrity

  • Compassion

  • Courage

Faculty & Staff

Hazel Simspon

Hazel Simpson


Brandon Ellis

Brandon Ellis

Performing Arts Director

Janae Mullins

Janae Mullins

Dance Instructor

Ms. Pendu


Dance Teacher

LaTrisa Harper

LaTrisa Harper


Rhonda Bell-Kelley

Rhonda Bell-Kelley

Piano Teacher

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